Introduction To Computer Station Equipment
Skill Review And Drill

feb1   1 2 3

 Reading Eggs               whale2Moby Max






red Shape Match



easterDaffodill jigsaw puzzle



          Lower/Uppercase Letter Match - 

click the dog above


Match the shapes



Mr. Elephant's Memory Match



Elmo Sorts Colors and Shapes



Fuzz Bugs - sorting, counting, comparing



Counting Fish




Connect the Dots - count to 10 or 20





Build a snowman




Howard B. Wigglebottom Stories!


Wiggle and Giggle song



Crawford the Cat - handwashing video






Crawford's Please and THANK YOU


A Beautiful Smile


Practice Makes Perfect


100 Word Wordsearch

Take a Trip           
mouse manipulation

Make a Face -
mouse manipulation


Build a House-  
mouse manipulation

Make a Pizza - 
mouse manipulation

Catch the Apples


Build a Toy Car


Mr. Elephant's Memory Game


Following Directions

The 5 Senses


   Shapes - mouse manipulation
    Shape Story

Ocean Shapes


Toy Shapes


   Shape Matching Game



Put It On The Shelf!


Connect the Dots Shapes 

The Story of Shapes


tractor Shape Construction


Shape Story



Color the Rainbow Story- a color story


Clyde's Smile         color recognition   What COLOR is It?

Hungry Crocodiles

Honey Pot Hunt                                   Colors and Shapes


The Shop of Colors


Oscar's Trash Collection - sorting colors and shapes


Elmo's Laundry Game


Over, Under Behind and Around - positional words


Pattern Detectives



Learn about Fire Safety with Elmo!



Lowercase and Uppercase Letter Activities

Find The Letters


Rainbow Letters


Alphabet Match

Alpha Bricks


Alphabet BINGO       


Put the ABC's in order


Connect the Dots ABC


Alphabet Puzzle


Animal Alphabet Song

Match and Play Animal Alphabet

Monkey Match

Alphabet Match UP




Paw Park
Letter Match - beginning letter rec. The Alphabet


A* B* C Watermelon

The ABC Game


How the Alphabet Got Its Order

How to Read and Write

Whack a mole - abc order

Letter Fire






Sundance Interactive Readers - set 1

At The Store - level A

Dad - level A

I Want My Hat - level A

Look At Me! - level A

My Face - level A

My Room - level A

New Clothes - level A

Our House - level A

Rex - level A

What am I? - level A



Letter Jigsaw Puzzles

A is for apple puzzle                     B is for bell puzzle

is for car puzzle                        D is for dinosaur puzzle

is for elephant puzzle        F is for flag puzzle 

is for mouse puzzle            P is for piano puzzle

O is for owl puzzle                                      T is for tiger puzzle                                   


More Puzzles


Kitty Train


Teddy Bear

Dress Up Santa Claus  


Sound Activities

The Tickly Wickly Whale Song


First Sounds - beginning - blends also

Bumper Cars - beginning sounds

Sound Match

Word of the day

Sounds with Patch -beginning   Ending Sounds 
Puppy Letters - letter recognition Rhyming 1

Pounce - word recognition

Alphabet Goop - beginning sounds


Sassy Seals beginning sounds

Rhyming 2

Animal Rhyming story
            Dance Game


In the Nick of RHYME

Counting Activities

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Song Monster Numbers

Chicken dance Elmo -            beginning counting

Number train numbers 1 - 10

Jungle Counting numbers 1-10

Count What You See

How Many? - number recognition 1 - 10

How many 2? number recogition

Count the Barrels -up to twenty

Addition - Little Animals Activity Center 3 levels

Addition & Subtraction - Little Animals Activity Center 3 levels

ELMO is counting!

What Comes Next 1 - 10

Color Counting-number recognition

ishing for numbers 

What Color? - color/number recognition

Count Your Chickens

Number Aquarium - number sets

Clock Face

Caillou Builds a Train Track - patterns


Crazy Pattern Machine

Sorting - colors and shapes

Curious George

Next Counting Up
Bees & Honey -number recognition 1-10


Nursery Rhymes

1. Hey Diddle Diddle

            Color 1 

2. Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater

             Color 2


Color a Nursery Rhyme


Silly Nursery Rhyme Maker


The Snow Queen 

Read Along Stories

Alfy Goes To SCHOOL 
       Making New Friends 

Alfy's SNOW Day
            A Theme Day Story


Alfy's Simon Says


Fun with Sesame Street


Find the letter

Counting with Elmo

Counting On!


Zoe's Silly Seasons


Zoe's Pet Shelter - sorting

Size activities

Sorting By Size

Which Clifford?

Balloon Sizes - click Balloon sizes

That's the size of IT!

Bonny, Banana and Mo! 

The Painting Elves

The Shop of Colors



Scott Foresman Social Studies


Connect * The * Dots

1     2     3         A    B   C  D  check back more to come                

Dental Health
Plaque Monster Tunnel
Toothbrush Patch

Dentist Office


Dr. Rabbit's Band

Colgate Coloring Picture                                      Fishy Friends


Attack of the Plague Monsters



Mr Brown's                            Bs and Zs
Dr. Suess Sticher Fun
One Fish Two Fish
The Lorax





Let's Help Mikey - whole group

Danger Rangers

Firefighter jigsaw puzzle



Know the Noise  scroll down the page and look 
                             for Know the Noise





   Turkey Maze




Carve a Pumpkin


Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe



Christmas Pairs

Fill the Stocking


Catch The Toys


Santa Maze


Christmas Time Song


Stop the Grinch

Snowflake Catch

The Jolly Snowman

Snowball Toss

Snowman Jigsaw Puzzle


Groundhog's Day   gh

                                               Color the Groundhog   2   3

Groundhog    Dress Up

                                                Find The Groundhog            




Valentine's Tic-Tac-Toe

Valentine Kids Jigsaw Puzzle




Shamrock Match  Leprechaun Jigsaw Puzzles   Lucky's Tic-Tac-Toe

St. Patrick's Coloring Book


     Mix and Match       Dress Up the Egg     Bunny Tic-Tac-Toe


EartDay - 1    2

ant Color the Earth

bee How to Help?

Memorial DaGames-  A   B


The Missing Pencil


Dress Up and Dance


Online Stories -CBeebies -

Book Pals -


Basic Skill Review Sites -


Jigsaw Puzzles

Daisies     Daffodils    Tulips   Strawberries 



Following Directions

Bob the Builder

Dora - Findng Isa's Garden

Wubbzy Gardening